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  • Speed Limiters or Governors Are Not A New Innovation, or One Likely To Take Hold

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 29-Aug-2016

    The FMCSA is said to be considering mandatory speed limiters, “… but said the limiters will not be required to be tamper-proof.” Same old story from the trucking industry, and regulators. As Elon Musk would say, speed limiters on big trucks is a solved problem. ECMs have for decades come with “governors” or “speed limiter” functions that can be set or ...
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  • Otto Making Self-Driving Trucks a Reality

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 4-Aug-2016

    A San Francisco-based company called Otto is currently working on technology that would turn commercial trucks into self-driving freight haulers. The company is made up of former employees of Cruise Automation, Tesla, Apple, and Google, and includes prominent members of Google’s self-driving car and Google Maps teams. So far, the company is entirely self-funded without any external ...
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  • Collecting Truck Wreck Data Will Get Tougher as Verizon Consolidates the Fleet Telematics Business

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 3-Aug-2016

    In 2012, Verizon acquired Hughes Telematics for $612 million. This June, it acquired Telogis, which makes logistics software mostly for fleet operators, for an undisclosed price. Now, it has paid $2.4 billion for the Fleetmatics Group, which is based in Dublin. Verizon, Omnitracs, and TRW are moving aggressively to acquire smaller companies in the dawn of the Electric On Board Recorder (EOBR) ...
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