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  • HOS Rules Dumbed Down By Congress, Endangering Motorists Who Share the Road With Tired Truckers

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 26-May-2016

    Tired and fatigued truckers are killing innocent motorists on our roadways. Five deaths in April of 2015 near Savannah on I-16, another five deaths on I-16 in May of 2015, and three more on I-16 in June of 2015 all by truckers who rear ended slower moving vehicles or stopped vehicles on the roadway without any braking the trucker. Six more deaths across the Georgia border in Chattanooga in June of ...
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  • Survey Says One in Five of Truckers Who Leave The Industry Do So Due to Health Problems Disqualifying Them as Drivers

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 23-May-2016

    Truckers with health and related fatigue issues is a killer in truck wreck collisions. Unfortunately at Terry D. Jackson, P.C. we see fatigue and related health issues at the bottom of the truck wreck collision all too often. Health and fatigue is a dog chasing its tail in the truck wreck cases. The American Transportation Research Institute says truck driver health problems is No. 7 on its list ...
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  • Outdated FMCSA Minimum Insurance Requirements Limit Justice for Truck Accident Victims

    Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 5-May-2016

    In Three Truck Accident Fatalities with Impaired, Fatigued and/or Asleep Truckers Killing Multiple Motorists, Justice Will Come Only to Two of These Wrecks due to FMCSA Minimum Insurance Limits Unchanged Since 1985 Case One In June 2015, Tiffany Watts, her mother Sandra Anderson, and Watts’ two minor daughters were on their way back to Knoxville from an Atlanta airport when a careless truck ...
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