Survey Says One in Five of Truckers Who Leave The Industry Do So Due to Health Problems Disqualifying Them as Drivers

Posted By Terry D. Jackson, P.C. || 23-May-2016

Truckers with health and related fatigue issues is a killer in truck wreck collisions. Unfortunately at Terry D. Jackson, P.C. we see fatigue and related health issues at the bottom of the truck wreck collision all too often. Health and fatigue is a dog chasing its tail in the truck wreck cases.

The American Transportation Research Institute says truck driver health problems is No. 7 on its list of issues facing the trucking industry in 2015 and HireRight announced in a May 11, 2016 survey that one in five, 20% of all truckers leaving the trucking industry do so due to bad, poor health problems. If you cannot pass the professional truck driver CDL physical you cannot drive, yet these truckers seems to populate death and serious truck wreck collisions. Why are unhealthy, tired truckers on the road with you?

Why do trucking companies put these drivers behind the wheel of big rigs? Because irresponsible trucking companies cannot find enough qualified drivers, and if the wheels don’t roll, the money does not flow. As a consequence, we share the roads with truckers who clearly, plainly should not be behind the wheel of commercial motor vehicles.

Poor driver health is a serious problem in causing truck wrecks, including many that result in serious injuries or wrongful death. Don’t be caught short on this serious problem that often does not show up on the incident report, call Terry D. Jackson, P.C. now to allow us to analyze your truck wreck case for tired and unhealthy truckers.

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