Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycles do not afford the same level of protection against accidents as passenger vehicles, making them prone to catastrophic and fatal accidents. Like any vehicle, motorcycles have a right to share the road; however, research suggests that two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur when a car violates a motorcyclist’s right of way.

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Types of Motorcycle Hazards and Accidents

  • Visibility / Negligent Driving – Motorcycles are common, but many drivers fail to watch for them. Because of their size, motorcycles may be difficult to see in blind spots and intersections. Distracted and careless drivers can cause devastating accidents by simply failing to watch for smaller vehicles, such as motorcyclists.
  • Roadway Hazards – Potholes, oil patches, debris, and objects in the road pose a threat to any driver, especially motorcyclists. While irregular pavement may not pose a serious threat to cars, it may be a hazard to motorcyclists. Because of this, cities, counties, and local municipalities must maintain safe roadways for motorcyclists.
  • Defective Motorcycle Parts – Defect motorcycle parts, such as a misaligned tire, create a serious threat to motorcyclists. Even a seemingly small mechanical failure could cause a fatal accident. To avoid these failures, motorcycle manufactures are obligated to design and produce safe vehicles for motorcycle riders.

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