Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Terry D. Jackson, P.C.?

Although civil laws pave the avenues injured victims can take to recover their damages after an accident, it does not guarantee that victims will be automatically or fairly compensated. In fact, cases involving serious personal injury are prone to aggressive defense and no-holds barred efforts from large companies and insurance corporations that make it their mission to pay victims as little as possible. TV and bus billboard lawyers are not the firms to handle serious cases; you need to work with more than your average firm.

At Terry D. Jackson, P.C., we are driven to go the extra mile for our clients. Here are a few important reasons why you can have confidence in choosing our firm:

Your Case is Our Cause

While the final objective of a personal injury claim is to recover damages, we know victims and families have other needs. Clients come to us during tough times, often after their lives have been changed forever. As a result, they may be facing immeasurable physical, emotional, and financial burdens that are at once short- and long-term concerns.

Compassionate service is one of our guiding principles, and it motivates our team to deliver above and beyond what’s typical of a business relationship. This includes our team always being available for clients, home and hospital visits for those who can’t make it to us, and our willingness to pay expenses upfront associated with cases so victims can better focus on their physical recovery. Because we make your case our cause, we have all the more reason to make sure it’s a success.

A Record of Success

While we are driven to help our clients in both the short- and long-term, this passion would mean little without the legal skills to make success a reality. With more than 90 years of combined experience, Terry Jackson and our legal team have successfully handled numerous complex cases. Our results speak for themselves:

  • Millions in Compensation Recovered
  • Over 100 Trials in State and Federal Court
  • Some of Largest Verdicts in the State of Georgia

Focused Representation

Our firm focuses our practice on cases involving serious accidents, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death. By narrowing our focus and limiting our caseload, we are better equipped to provide the precision, skill, and commitment that produces results for our clients. It also allows our firm to treat our clients like individuals, not just another case.

We Try Cases

In an effort to secure the biggest verdict possible, we approach serious injury cases with the intent of going to court. There’s a difference between verdicts and settlements, and we want to help you secure the largest amount of compensation possible. Sometimes, that means taking your case to court rather than settling before trial.

We Level the Playing Field

Personal injury claims are contested aggressively. Whether it is an insurance corporation or a large business that has ample resources and legal teams at its disposal, these forces are strong, consolidated, and skilled at defending against allegations of negligence and liability. As a result, they often overpower victims and succeed in their efforts to pay as little as possible.

Our firm has the resources and capabilities to level the playing field with powerful insurance companies, as well as the unwavering resolution to fight vigorously for our clients throughout every step of their legal process. By leveraging our experience and working relationships with specialists, we provide victims with the bold and effective voice needed to achieve success in the civil justice system.

Find Out How We Can Help You

We understand and expect our clients to have many questions and concerns regarding their cases and the services we provide. That is why we make ourselves available to discuss your situation in depth during a free consultation. Call Terry D. Jackson, P.C. today to request yours.

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