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Terry has established his firm as one of the premier truck accident attorneys in Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Because of our focus on truck wreck cases, we know how to maximize your recovery from trucking companies and their insurers. Experience counts, bank on it.

Our ability to successfully handle challenging trucking cases has earned us a positive reputation throughout the southeast, and more importantly, has enabled our firm to secure the full and fair compensation truck accident victims deserve. We win because we make every case our cause.

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Terry D. Jackson, P.C. is a premier Atlanta-based law firm comprised of a talented, passionate, and extraordinarily dedicated legal team. Backed by over 90 years of combined experience, our firm caters to the complex needs of victims who have been catastrophically injured in serious accidents.

In the wake of life-altering accidents, victims and families often experience profound setbacks - physically, financially, and emotionally. We understand the stakes are higher in these cases, and we know we have the tools to help clients succeed against powerful insurance companies that care only about their bottom line.

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  • $ 10,200,000

    Product Liability Case

  • $ 8,300,000

    Dump Truck Wrongful Death Verdict

  • $ 3,800,000

    Truck Accident Case

  • $ 3,000,000

    High Speed Police Pursuit

  • $ 2,475,000

    Trucking Wrongful Death, Policy Limits Settlement

  • $ 2,000,000

    Wrongful Death Case

  • $ 2,000,000

    Trucking Settlement, Statutory Employer

  • $ 2,000,000

    High Speed Police Pursuit

  • $ 1,220,000

    Dump Truck Wreck, Back Surgery, Settlement

  • $ 1,220,000

    Truck Accident Case

  • $ 1,200,000

    Trucking Accident Settlement, Wrongful Death Burned in Tractor, Partial Resolution

  • $ 1,200,000

    Dram Shop Settlement, Policy Limits, Litigation Ongoing

  • $ 1,075,000

    Dram Shop Settlement, Policy Limits

  • $ 1,010,000

    Policy Limits, Dog & Four Wheeler Collision

  • $ 1,000,000

    Car Wreck Verdict, Tinnitus Permanent Hearing Loss, Rotator Cuff Tear

  • $ 1,000,000

    Slayer Action Settlement for Life Insurance Policy Limits, Murder/Wrongful Death

  • $ 977,000

    Trucking Wrongful Death Settlement, Florida

  • $ 750,000

    Trucking Settlement, U-Turn Wrongful Death by Passenger Vehicle in Front of Truck

  • $ 525,000

    Trucking Settlement, Intermodal Carrier, Statutory Employer

  • $ 500,000

    Verdict Broken Leg, Injuries Car Wreck

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Meet Terry Jackson

Terry D. Jackson has dedicated his life to helping victims and families who need a compassionate advocate during challenging legal battles. With over 20 years of experience, Terry has achieved success for clients, especially those involving catastrophic injuries, serious tractor-trailer accidents, and wrongful death.

Since founding the firm in 1996, Terry has helped numerous clients secure the compensation they deserved. His record includes over 100 trials in state and federal court, over $100 million recovered, and some of the largest verdicts in Georgia.

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Millions of Dollars Recovered. Decades of Experience.

Terry D. Jackson has built our firm on caring, compassionate service and insightful legal advocacy. The recognition and results we’ve earned speak volumes about the unique and driven representation we deliver and our willingness to try cases - something many personal injury law firms simply do not have.

  • Millions in Compensation Recovered for Clients
  • Over 100 Trials in State and Federal Court
  • Annually, We Obtain Some of the Largest Verdicts in the State of Georgia
  • We Travel to Clients and Handle Cases At Our Expense Upfront
  • Our Clients are Our Top Priority

We strongly encourage you to reach out to our firm as soon as possible after an accident, as taking proactive measures can be the first and smartest step in your legal journey. Tell us about your case during a consultation at no charge to you. We’ll explain how we can help you through the legal process and fight for a full recovery of your damages.

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