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The American civil justice system allows victims injured by the negligence of others to secure justice and financial compensation for their damages. Although the laws are in place and routinely enforced, the system also allows negligent parties – and their insurance providers – to fight victims’ claims in court. Unfortunately, and especially in complex cases, it has become common practice for large businesses and insurance companies to leverage their extensive resources in order to overpower victims and pay them as little as possible.

At Terry D. Jackson, P.C., we have made it our mission to act as bold and compassionate advocates for those who have suffered serious harm and losses at the hands of others. Since founding our firm in 1996, Terry Jackson has established our practice as the premier Georgia law firm for the catastrophically injured and families who have lost loved ones. In doing so, he has successfully secured millions of dollars in compensation for clients and some of the largest verdicts in the state.

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Focused Representation – Cases We Handle

While other firms may focus on high volume clientele, we believe this strategy is not only ineffectual and counterproductive, but also far less than struggling victims and families deserve. As such, we purposely limit our caseload so as to provide the personalized, compassionate service clients deserve and the time and resources to secure the full and fair compensation they need.

Our practice centers on handling complex cases involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, which commonly involve the following:

We try cases, and we prepare each case in preparation for trial. This is something many firms do not do, and it often makes the difference between maximum compensation and victims receiving less than they need. Terry Jackson has handled over 100 trials in state and federal court and has secured many notable verdicts, including:

What to Expect When You Work with Our Firm

With over 90 years of combined experience, out team has become highly tuned to the needs of our clients – both in the immediate and the long-term. We know clients reach out to us in their times of need and that their current predicament is often one fraught with emotion, physical and financial instability, and legal frustrations.

Because we understand the impact injuries have, we go above and beyond in our efforts to provide our genuine compassion and support. Our attorneys are readily available for our clients, offer home and hospital visits, and pay expenses associated with their cases so they can focus on recovering, not how to pay us.

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Whether you’re contacting us on behalf of a family member or you were personally harmed in an accident, you can be confident when choosing Terry D. Jackson, P.C. We encourage you to request free consultation. Allow us to help you understand your rights and how we can help.

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