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When negligence or wrongful acts result in the untimely death of a loved one, certain family members can file civil lawsuits against at-fault parties to hold them responsible for their actions and liable for the damages they caused. Similar to personal injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits are conducted in a civil court and handled independently from any criminal proceedings.

Steeped in emotions, fraught with legal complexities, and aggressive defense by insurers, wrongful death claims can be an overwhelming process for families who are often still reeling from their sudden and tragic loss. Bearing this in mind, our legal team handles wrongful death cases with the utmost sincerity and compassion. When applying our over 90 years of combined experience, we also fight tirelessly to ensure that justice is achieved and family members receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

There are no words to heal you after the unexpected death of a loved one. There is, however, justice to be served. If you recently lost a loved in an accident that could have been prevented, we encourage you to contact Terry D. Jackson, P.C. to discuss your legal options.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Georgia’s wrongful death laws are filled with unique legal and procedural complexities. This includes limitations on who is eligible to file a claim, etc. Although circumstances are always unique and more can be learned about your rights by speaking personally with us, the following parties are generally able to file wrongful death claims.

What Damages are Available?

Although difficult to consider when you’re grieving, filing a wrongful death claim can help you recover compensation for expenses and losses resulting from a loved one’s death. The state of Georgia recognizes two types of wrongful death claims:

Claims to establish “full value of the life of the deceased,” including:

Claims to remedy the financial losses to the estate, including:

Trust Your Case to Caring & Capable Hands

Wrongful death claims will always be difficult legal matters and delicate to his or her survivors. The collision of the law and life is never easy, but it can be handled swiftly, deftly and successfully with the assistance of experienced lawyers who care about their clients, with a track record of success.

At Terry D. Jackson, P.C., our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers understand the tremendous difficulties brought about by an unforeseen. We fight passionately to obtain the justice and just compensation families throughout the state deserve.

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