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Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are required to ensure their products are safe for public use. Under these standards, when a company produces a defective or unsafe product, they can be held legally responsible for the damages suffered by consumers who were injured while using said defective products.

Have you or someone you love been injured by a defective product? Allow Terry D. Jackson, P.C. to make the difference in your case. Our team offers free consultations to clients during which we can assess your situation, explain your legal rights, and discuss how we may be able to help you file a product liability claim.

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What Does Product Liability Law Cover?

Product manufacturers have a legal responsibility to exercise reasonable care when designing and constructing products in order to ensure they are safe for use by consumers. However, many large companies often allow other motives, such as maximizing profits and overrunning competition, to cloud their decision making and disregard the safety of their products. The result can be an unreasonably dangerous or defective product in the marketplace that could cause physical damages, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death.

Product liability law protects consumers from the following types of product defects:

Given the complexity of product liability claims and their potential for being vigorously combatted by large companies and insurers, injured victims require experienced trial attorneys who are prepared to assist families in obtaining justice through the legal system. Our team has over 90 years of combined trial experience, and is passionate about these cases not only because we can help victims and their families, but also to ensure dangerous products don’t cause further harm to others.

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The process of filing a personal injury claim can be confusing without the help of someone who has experience with Georgia’s product liability law. You should never have to suffer for using a product that you were led to believe was safe, and an Atlanta personal injury attorney from our firm can help you exercise rights.

Terry D. Jackson has advocated for the rights of the injured for over 20 years, recovering over $100 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients. Our firm understands that you are going through a difficult time – let us take care of the legal work while you focus on healing.

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