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Because buses are large commercial vehicles that have a higher potential for causing serious injuries than standard vehicles, personal injury claims filed over bus accidents can be complex. When buses are owned by government municipalities, are engaged in interstate travel, or have large insurance policies, these cases can become even more challenging for victims and families looking to recover their damages.

At Terry D. Jackson, P.C., our Georgia personal injury lawyers have decades of experience fighting for victims harmed in commercial bus accidents, including those involving:

Whatever your case may involve, you can be confident in choosing a team of award-winning lawyers with a demonstrated ability to handle challenging claims against powerful fleet and bus companies and insurance companies. If you have questions about your unique case, your rights, and how our firm can help fight for the compensation you deserve, contact us for a FREE consultation.

Commercial Vehicle Regulations

Because commercial vehicles – including buses – are typically larger, heavier, and slower vehicles than most and because they transport a large amount of people, they are heavily regulated by state and federal safety agencies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA), for example, enforces a number of regulations for commercial passenger carriers, including:

Over the years, our lawyers have become highly familiar with FMCSA rules and other local regulations. With our extensive knowledge of the regulations governing the freight and passenger-carrying industry, we are able to better identify and highlight violations and acts of negligence in your case. Our lawyers fight relentlessly to pursue the maximum compensation possible.

Let Our Atlanta Bus Accident Attorney Make the Difference

Challenging large commercial vehicle companies and insurance providers will always be a tough legal battle that demands extensive evaluations, crafted solutions, and tireless advocacy. Given the numerous laws, regulations and the fact that defendants are usually well-funded and backed by sophisticated legal teams who never want for excuses to deprive you of a fair recovery, you need to work with experienced bus and truck wreck attorneys who have ample knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry and personal injury law.

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