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Speed Limiters or Governors Are Not A New Innovation, or One Likely To Take Hold

The FMCSA is said to be considering mandatory speed limiters, “… but said the limiters will not be required to be tamper-proof.” Same old story from the trucking industry, and regulators.

As Elon Musk would say, speed limiters on big trucks is a solved problem.

ECMs have for decades come with “governors” or “speed limiter” functions that can be set or part of the ECM “set up” by the motor carrier with a laptop plugged into the data bus. The problem is that there is no incentive for trucking companies to do that, and even less political will to do it. “Too much regulation…limits our freedom…we can’t get as many miles or loads with governors…” is a familiar refrain.

Until there is a change in philosophy in the trucking industry, and in Congress, big trucks going fast, driving too long, with tired truckers is here to stay.

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